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Writing Services


Manuscript Assessment

This service includes appraisal, critique, market advice, editing and proofreading. It aims to assess and evaluate a writer’s work through correction of spelling, punctuation and grammar. It will give advice on word order, description and presentation of a manuscript so it is publisher or printer ready. On reading a writer’s manuscript, I shall suggest potential markets that may be interested in using the piece. This may be in Ireland, the UK or further afield and a variety of media may be put forward as possible opportunities; magazines, the web, radio, newspapers, etc. I also have a direct link to a major publishing house (John Hunt Publishing) and can forward clients to a reputable publisher.



Clients can avail of our premium one-to-one ghostwriting service with Suzanne Ruthven. Find out more on our Ghostwriting Services page.


E-book Formatting and Cover Design

E-books are becoming more and more popular. I can offer a formatting service where a writer's manuscript can be adapted for Kindle or other e-book providers in the correct format and a cover designed for Internet use.


Promotion and Social Media

One of the key aspects of becoming a published writer is promoting yourself and your book. I can help clients to understand and open social media and blog accounts and provide them with regular blog posts, tweets and FB updates. There are other ways for writers to network including having accounts on profile sites such as Goodreads, Library Thing, Listopia, Red Room and Scribd that I can help you set up.



Writing projects are individual to the writer. Our mentoring service works with you on your current goal by email and/or phone so you can get advice and information directly from a published author, editor and publisher.

Check out our mentoring packages on our Courses and Mentoring page.


Distance Learning Courses

Distance learning courses are available from our Courses and Mentoring page.